◆Multi-Timer with T1~T3
◆Extra-large LCD display
◆Larger alarm sound
◆Simple operation, fast setting
◆Count Up /Down function
◆Lanyard hole / magnet and carriage design
1. T1~T3 Timer:[T1] [T2] [T3] can be used at the same time
2. Count down setting:1s~99m59s
3. Count up setting:1s~99m59s
4. When time is up, warning for 60s.
5.3 different sounds for T1 T2 T3
      T1 :Bi-Bi...
      T2 :BiBi-BiBi...
      T3 :BiBiBi-BiBiBi...
6. Volume:Approx.80dB(in front of 10cm)
7. Battery:CR2032 batteryx1 Approx.1 year
8. Dimensions:Approx.85 x 69 x 14 mm (WxHxD)
9. Weight:Approx. 65g gram with battery