◆Digital Thermo-Hygrometer & Clock & Calendar 
◆Compact appearance
◆Comfort level indicator
◆Large LCD display with temperature and humidity 
    and time or date
◆Highest / lowest  temperature and humidity memory
◆Automatic temp. and humidity value calibration 
◆Indicated the trend of temperature and humidity 
    change by arrow
◆stand and wall mount /magnet design
◆Color:   (Customizable)
1. Temperature range:–20~50℃
2. Humidity range:10~95%
3. Highest / lowest  temperature and humidity memory
4.Indicated the trend of temperature and humidity change by arrow
5. Comfort level indicator 
6. Calendar function
7. Clock & Alarm clock function 
8. Sensor detection: every 20 Sec.
9. Automatic temperature and humidity value calibration 
10. Battery:AAA batteries x 1 (1.5V)
11. Dimensions: 91 x 82 x 18mm
12. Weight: Approx. 76g